2012 - Powderhorn365

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12/30/12 by Michael Flood

"Good Morning Powderhorn"
Sunrise, December 30th, 2012.
This is my last Powderhorn365 photo.

You begin something, and it grows. In the end, what I learned isn't what I expected. The space around Powderhorn - the space, the land, the air, the light - these are what nourish me. I live a block off the park, and every morning, walking my pups, I head for the same overlook, to see the space, the light.. a chance for this country boy to take a deep breath in the middle of this city. The beauty is here, I just need to look.

The beauty is everywhere I look in the morning. I lean towards the vista, the wide view, especially with my photos. I can relax, taking in this morning life, knowing that life is a force as old, as deep, as sure as the sunrise.

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning.

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