2011 - Powderhorn365

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10/22/11 by Gayla Ellis

"Yard Sale"

Today's search for a photo for this website turned out to be a brief, but fun, adventure. I was planning to drive around and see what was happening in Powderhorn. I drove down our alley and, only a few houses from mine, found these folks having a yard sale. The weather was great, but they didn't have a lot of shoppers. I found out they have lived here for six years and I've never met them before. A great and friendly crew, from left to right: Molly, Kira, Aviella, Monique, and Amy. Meeting our neighbors is part of the beauty of the Powderhorn365 project. And today the extra benefit was that I found some items to buy. In fact, I'm walking back down there right after posting this so I can see what else they have and to tell them they are on this site.

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