2010 - Powderhorn365

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12/16/10 by Gayla Ellis

"Clear the hydrants and watch where you park"

Firefighters need access to hydrants for water to fight fires. Residents can help clear these areas of snow so the fire hydrants are visible and able to be connected to hoses. Street corners are blocked, making it difficult for people to cross streets easily. The City won't get to these, so neighbors should really help to shovel out access to streets and corners for pedestrians. Some emergency vehicles can't get through the narrowed streets due to almost 1.5 feet of snow last weekend. Some emergency vehicles could not get to homes. Parking will be limited to the odd side of non-snow-emergency streets. On 12/12, a fire truck got stuck in the 3600 block of Elliot, and another had to be dispatched. Two people died in the burning house, one identified as 78-year-old Mary Frances Rowe, who lived there for more than 50 years. It's not certain whether the delay caused their deaths, but the city won't take any chances with narrow roadways.

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