2018 - Powderhorn365

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2/17/18 Gayla Ellis

“Flo Golod”
I met Flo in the mid-Seventies. We have been active in anti-war, civil rights, and women’s issues, and she advocated for tenants’ rights. She was the director of Southside Family Charter School for 20 years. Her two children attended, and now her granddaughter does. A writer and interviewer, Flo is involved in community issues and environmental concerns. Gardening is a passion, as she describes in her own words here. 
After years tending my Powderhorn garden, I applied for and was accepted to the Hennepin County Master Gardener program. The coursework is rigorous but worth every moment puzzling over soil pH levels or learning that there are almost 400 bee species in Minnesota.

All information we share as master gardeners is science-based. Climate change data informs and changes how we should garden in Minnesota. My favorite chant at the March for Science was:
What do we want?
Evidence-based science!
When do we want it?
After peer-review!

I’ve volunteered to help plan and maintain gardens for Native American elder housing in Phillips, a youth garden in a mostly-West African housing coop in Seward and will soon work with the young residents at St. Joseph’s Home for Children in Bancroft.

Sharing the love of gardening and the science that helps us be better
gardeners is, depending on your point of view, a form of resistance or an
affirmation – we work with the earth, out in the sun and the rain, in solitude and in community. We protect our pollinators, they help us grow nourishing food, and together we bring zinnias and zucchini to our neighborhoods.

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