2016 - Powderhorn365

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7/11/16 Gayla Ellis

"Barb's Recovery"

My best friend from early childhood, Barb Tilsen, contracted spinal meningitis in early May and was in very serious condition at Abbott Hospital and Courage-Kenny Rehabilitation Institute for five weeks. Her loved ones did not know if she would survive this deep physical and psychological trauma. She did and is in her Powderhorn home now, working on recovering and strengthening her body and mind. Barb writes about this challenging experience: “I'm incredibly grateful for the love and support I have received all throughout this illness. Meningitis dropped me so suddenly out of everyone's sight, including my own. I think of it as having been struck by a meningital bolt of lightning that snatched me up and carried me away. I've survived and come this far because of the complete way that love, support, medical expertise, song, and spirit wove together in a safety net around me.” I witnessed and was part of that support - a profound web of love and hope.

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