2016 - Powderhorn365

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11/12/16 Sadie McKinley

“Safety Pin Bridge”

I’m hearing Trump supporters say, “my vote was not about hate”. I’m hearing non-Trump supporters say his victory put a stamp of approval on racism, sexism, islamophobia, etc. What if both Trump and non-Trump supporters agree to be vigilant and work diligently to stop the abuse and discrimination of people of color, women, people of every religion (and none), the GLBT community, people with disabilities, immigrants and refugees? This entails challenging the powers that be, looking at (non)privilege, passing laws against discrimination and defending people from verbal and physical attacks. Everyone could win—Trump supporters can prove they are not haters, non-Trump supporters can be reassured, and those marginalized can feel supported.
Below is a picture of a person wearing a safety pin. It symbolizes that the wearer is a safe person and when you are being verbally and/or physically attacked, the person will come to your defense.

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