2012 - Powderhorn365

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5/27/12 by Aria Dominguez

"Walker Church Burning"
The flames roar toward the night sky,
burning a hole in the heart of a neighborhood.
People gather in the street, spellbound.
The police push them back, but yet more come.
An old man recollects his daughter performing on the blazing stage,
two wet tracks on his cheeks reflecting the flickering lights.
A woman bemoans the loss of her plot in the community garden,
the vegetables that lie under a rain of sparks and bricks.
As the carved balcony falls and stained glass windows shatter,
the people remember. They remember of course a house of worship,
but also a meeting place, a rummage sale, community meals.
They reminisce over funerals and fundraisers and concerts of every kind.
They claim their small part in over 100 years of history.
The walls come thundering down as if Joshua had blown that horn--
the onlookers huddled in the rain cannot stop them
any more than the firefighters battling to keep the fire from spreading.
All they can do is stand, and watch, and bear witness
to Walker Church burning.

Brave firefighters worked into the night to put out the blaze, five of whom were hospitalized with injuries. Many thanks to them for doing their dangerous job and keeping the blaze from spreading to neighboring houses.

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