2012 - Powderhorn365

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10/20/12 by Aria Dominguez

"Powderhorn Pottery"
The whole neighborhood was out enjoying the beautiful weather on Saturday, leaving me no shortage of subjects to photograph. Among many other things, there was a wedding and reception, people picnicking, children having an impromptu parade down the street, families at the park, people playing basketball, and members of a pottery class at the rec center who were firing pottery in kilns outside. I could only use one photo of the day. The rest are posted on Powderhorn365's photo stream in Flickr.

After removing the red-hot pottery from the kiln (if I recall correctly it had to reach 1800 degrees, but don't quote me on that), they placed it in metal containers filled with sawdust (which as you can see promptly set on fire, as intended). They also sprayed it with rubbing alcohol, which created more flames. This process caused a special effect with the glaze, creating a kind of iridescent sheen. The result was some gorgeous works of art.

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