2012 - Powderhorn365

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4/22/12 by Michael Flood

"Sunday Afternoon in the Park"
Sunday in the park
I’ve been pondering why I photograph.
I’m busy enough, raising 3 kids, figuring out how to be a dad, a high school guide, a Montessori teacher, too much already on my plate.

Stepping outside tonight, the light of evening just beginning to glow, there was so much to see. Letting go for a while of everything else and opening my sense to the world. People fishing, teaching their children tennis, watching the ducks, biking around the lake, walking dogs, dancing, organizing for May Day - the park is just alive, with light, with people, with sounds.

I met Moe and Kamu, watched a lost duckling paddle in the lake, met members of the Aztec dance group, watched a toddler toddle, and then the music started. The Band with no name, warming up, building up, and finally, ! ! ! three blasts of a whistle and the music! May Day is coming!

And that is why I keep photographing. It pulls me out of myself and into the world. I stop watching and begin seeing.
It’s not about the photographs I take.

It’s about taking these photographs.

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