2012 - Powderhorn365

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10/5/12 by Alexandra Ellison

This shot is about what is not pictured. I begin every day with a walk down to the north side of our small, sweet lake. I stand quietly and survey residents (wood ducks, mallards, geese) and passers by (coots, various herons, etc), but my first observation is always the cormorants: how many are roosting? How many are on the lake? And how many are in those endless loops around the island contemplating landing on a branch which they know will bend beneath their weight.
These past few days, as the cold has decided to settle-in, I have been pondering when the roosting tree would be vacated. Every morning, as the temperature has dipped, they have remained, stubbornly, in the tree. And even on a late, Thursday night walk, I saw the settled silhouette of our flight of cormorants in the tree against the night sky. But, alas, this morning the two roosting trees (the two tallest on the right side of this picture) stood empty. So the switch has begun. Interestingly, I saw my first junco of the season later that same day.

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