2011 - Powderhorn365

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7/30/11 by Sue Stirling

"Mr. Cardinal Bishop Says Goodbye"

I have a pair of cardinals, a male and female, whose territory is around my yard on 15th Ave S. I have interacted with them for at least a year and a half, and I feel like we have a connection. Especially Mr. Cardinal Bishop (as I have nicknamed him). We interact like neighbors, and I've enjoyed seeing him daily.

Today was special. After taking dozens of shots around the park I found him in my yard this evening. You see, today is my last day as a MN resident. I am moving back to PA for a little while. It felt special to see him, Mr. Cardinal Bishop, saying goodbye to me on my last day in Powderhorn - if you see him around 15th Ave S please say hello.

Goodbye Powderhorn. I'm going to miss photographing you.

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