2011 - Powderhorn365

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5/28/11 by Gayla Ellis

"Bread & Roses Reunion"

Friends and family gathered to celebrate the forty years since the formation of a housing collective in Minneapolis known as Bread & Roses. A group of students from Experimental College at the University of Minnesota bought a house in Whittier neighborhood and shared expenses and labor in maintaining and improving the property, which freed many of us from working full-time jobs and allowed us to be active in progressive organizations, the food co-ops, and the arts. I joined the household in 1972. It was thanks to one of my housemates (Eleanor) that I started using a 35mm camera (half-frame) lent to me by her, and I learned to use a darkroom in the basement of the house. It was the beginning of my passion for this art medium. I took many photos of people and events. I lived there for eight years until it ended and we moved to Powderhorn. We had many gatherings, including a big party at our house for the community to join our celebration. This group gathered at Barb and David Tilsen's Powderhorn home today and includes some of the residents from those years, as well as friends and family.

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