2010 - Powderhorn365

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11/25/10 by Gayla Ellis

"After midnight on Thanksgiving"
The very early hours of Thanksgiving welcomed some more snow that piled on top of the few inches which had arrived throughout Wednesday. Taking this photo with a flash highlighted some of the snowflakes in mid-air, as well as the snow gently stacked on the branches of trees. On this cold night leading into a colder Thanksgiving than we usually have, I felt fortunate to have shelter, food, family, and friends - but also a community in Powderhorn neighborhood. The media often portray this only as a danger zone. There are extremely serious problems, but it is also dynamic in its diversity, creativity, and compassion. Thanks + giving. This is a day to look outside ourselves to see what we can do to give resources and time to build a stronger and healthier community for all people.

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