2010 - Powderhorn365

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4/24/10 by Malia Burkhart

"I See You"

365's Saturday photographer, Sue Stirling, at a funky new cafe hanging photos for the Powderhorn365 show (opening May 1, 2010).

South City Cafe is opening this week, located at 3405 Chicago Ave. S.

Come see the neighborhood and check out the new hot spot for coffee in Powderhorn. Copies of volume one of Powderhorn365.com's book of photos will be available for purchase soon.

I like this photo because it reminds me of one of Sue's poems (which is published in the new book!):


Every seventh day I explore with my camera.
Fifty-two of three hundred & sixty-five
days are my trust. Moments—like dots
of paint speckled against a wall—at first
disparate, then as more grains are added
orchestrate into a whole. Like cells held
by the boundaries of one body,
these images from our neighborhood
form a history of living. Those who move
about daily unnoticed, are recognized
by the lens; and even if the account is
I see you.

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