2010 - Powderhorn365

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11/20/10 by Sue Stirling

"Crows of Powderhorn"
The crows have been in rare form this winter. Maybe I have a short memory, but I do not recall them being so vociferous last winter. This afternoon I watched as herds of crows grazed in the park, and took turns to watch from trees for danger. I heard them make a cooing type of sound to warn of a predator (one that I couldn't see). Eventually, I watched as three crows chased a predator bird (hawk or falcon) over my head and across Bloomington Ave away from the park. They are like a little mafia! I chose this particular photograph because I love the contrast of the black against the bright, white snow. When I look at him, I cannot help but be drawn in to the glint in his black eye.

Sue StirlingcrowwintersnowPowderhorn Park