2010 - Powderhorn365

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10/23/10 by Sue Stirling

"Community Bath"
Backyards in Powderhorn are aflutter with activity. Squirrels are ravenously hunting for anything edible; adults are raking leaves for children to jump into; and birds are taking advantage of the last days of unfrozen bird baths available to them. I watched as a flock of year-old Cedar Waxwings (you can tell their age because they do not have the tell-tale red on their wings) and a flock of house sparrows shared this bathing space with one another. A juvenile Cardinal came and splashed around with them, too.

OK, I spent a couple of hours watching about a dozen species of birds in the early afternoon. We have an amazing variety of birds in Minneapolis.

Sue Stirlingbird bathCedar waxwingssparrowsbackyard