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  • 3/30/15 by Jason Brown

    "Ruby Rides" My daughter, Ruby, was out enjoying her balance bike when I came home from work today.

  • 3/29/15 by Nickey Robare

    The grass and trees are still dormant from winter, but the warm sun on the park brought a reminder that spring, if not here quite yet, is just around the corner.

  • 3/28/15 by Elana Dahlberg

    "Haiku for Huey!" Huey is happy— loving sunset strolls in spring. Tennis balls for life.

  • 3/27/15 by Amy Wurdock

    "Frozen Treat" My mom and niece are in town for spring break and we took a walk around the neighborhood. Despite the recent drop in temperature we stopped by DQ for a frozen treat...and even Essey got in on the action.

  • 3/25/15 by Warren Park

    "Quilter's display window" This is a photo of the Quilt Block window, with a variety of colorful real things to examine and ghostly reflections to notice afterward. I like the colors hanging on the wall inside, and the strong line of the awning interrupting the reflection, which allows that wall display to appear. The houses, trees and cars blend surreally with the items inside--both seem equally dominant, like a double exposure.

  • 3/24/15 by Jillian Helleloid

    "Dreaming of Summer" We got spoiled a few weeks ago with above average warm weather and now we are back to the cold and snow of winter. Seeing this mural made me long for hot summer days. This is also one of my favorites in the neighborhood. I love the bright colors and movement the lines create. This mural can be enjoyed at Lake and 13th Ave on the Falconer's Cleaners and Laundry building.

  • 3/26/15 by J. Arthur Anderson

    “Blue Water” The Wood Ducks returned a week ago when Powderhorn Lake was still mostly frozen. This evening there was no sign of ice. The lake appeared a rich deep blue reflecting the sky at dusk.