Powderhorn365 - A living history of Powderhorn Neighborhood in South Minneapolis

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  • 12/17/14 by Dianne Carlson

    "Wednesday Photographer Self Portrait" Thank you Powderhorn365! It has been a wonderful year taking the Wednesday photos. I would like to dedicate my year of photographs to my sweet daughter Freya. All the best to Powderhorn and all who sail in her!

  • 12/16/14 by Alison Behnke

    "Neighborhood Fixture" I have a soft spot for this stalwart little shop, and on a gray day like this Tuesday, its neon sign gives Bloomington a little warmth.

  • 12/13/14 by Steve Young-Burns

    "Latvian Christmas Pageant Rehearsal" Christmas pageant practice at the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Minneapolis and St. Paul at 32rd and 17th. I've ridden past this church a zillion times and never knew it is a center of Latvian culture in the US. Besides the church, the building houses the Latvian School where children learn Latvian culture - language, song, and folk dance. Latvian immigrants bought the building from the original Norwegian Lutheran congregation in 1951, and it's been home to four generations of families with Latvian heritage. I had wonderful conversations with Janis, one of the teachers and father to some of the kids in the pageant, and Mara, a parent and documentary filmmaker. Janis' parents brought their family to the US after World War II, and he grew up coming to this church. Mara also grew up going to church here, and she produced this short documentary on the church and congregation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1vfoCbe_Ec. More information on the building and congregation is here https://wiki.umn.edu/WorldInTwoCities/LatvianEvangelical and here http://metrolutheran.org/2012/07/sustained-by-the-past-excited-for-the-future/.

  • 12/12/14 by Nicola Pine and Felix Svatek-Pine

    "Senior Moment" A longtime Powderhorn resident, Tang is 14 and a 1/2 years old and in the final stages of her life journey. She is a loving and loyal dog who adores Powderhorn Park, her human pack, bacon, and goose poop. I'm grateful to have been a part of her life, and to know her caregiver, who coaxed her out of her shell and nurtured her all these years.

  • 12/11/14 by Katie Brown

    "Delivery Day" It's an epic day (if you're a 4-year-old)! The Southside Farm Store is getting a delivery of dog food today! That means a semi pulls up, a forklift comes off the back of it, and a friendly driver drives it up the street while waving and honking. He can even drive it backwards!