Powderhorn365 - A living history of Powderhorn Neighborhood in South Minneapolis

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  • 7/20/14 Jules Wight

    "Pool time!" The summer heat is finally here and so are the backyard pools. A Powderhorn neighbor, Shiya, knows how to cool off!

  • 7/19/14 Steve Young Burns

    "Chalchiuhtlicue Aztec Water Ceremony Drummer and Dancer with Jade Green Skirt" The drummer for the annual Chalchiuhtlicue Mexica/Azteca Ceremony and Celebration provides rhythm for the beautiful swirling dancers. For the past ten years on this weekend in July these dancers have filled the park with bright colors and provided a solemn blessing for the lake. https://www.facebook.com/events/872574062770016/

  • 7/18/14 by Nicola Pine and Felix Svatek-Pine

    "Alley Fence" There are always interesting things to find on a walk down the alley in Powderhorn. Today we were looking for fence ideas and found this amazing DIY one made from wood gathered near the Mississippi River. A great example of art meeting function!

  • 7/17/14 by Katie Brown

    "High Flying Kai" I ran into 5-year-old Kai right as he came home from playing in the woods at the park today. After I obliged his request that I take some photos while holding my camera upside down, he was kind enough to show me how he can fly. It's obviously serious business.

  • 7/16/14 by Dianne Carlson

    "Good boy, Kip!" Practicing with his pack for the BWCA but had time for a hello and a pet.