Powderhorn365 - A living history of Powderhorn Neighborhood in South Minneapolis

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  • 6/29/15 by Jason Brown

    "SuperDuck relocation" This playful duck has been a landmark on the corner of 37th and Bloomington where it has entertained many children waiting for the bus. SuperDuck's owner decided to gift it to a neighbor on my block where it will entertain kids in their front yard. How fun!

  • 6/27/15 by Elana Dahlberg

    "Bright Colors, Stormy Night" I had the opportunity to visit La Ceiba Bistro, the new Powderhorn Caribbean Restaurant, this week. Not only was the food delicious but I loved the restaurant's ambiance. Racing the storm clouds, I went back Saturday night to capture La Ceiba's beautiful exterior colors.

  • 6/26/15 by Kristina Kvarnlov-Leverty

    "Love" In honor of the US Supreme Court decision today to legalize marriage for all couples (gay or straight) in all 50 states, I thought I would pick this colorful scene. Love is manifest in the little daily things we do for each other: in kind words, in a helping hand, in cooking a meal, in doing the laundry. Congratulations to all couples and family units and their daily grind.

  • 6/25/15 by J. Arthur Anderson

    “Lift Off” This shows a fledgling Cooper’s Hawk attempting to fly. At this point the young one can manage short distances.

  • 6/24/15 by Warren Park

    "Community Garden Revisited" On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, I took a photo of the little community garden not too far from 35th on 15th Ave. Things were brown and dry with nothing growing yet. Now, toward the end of June, with all the incredible rain we have been getting, the freshly-planted and tended garden has exploded with greenery and life. A huge contrast.