Powderhorn365 - A living history of Powderhorn Neighborhood in South Minneapolis

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  • 1/25/15 by Nickey Robare

    A beautiful day in Minneapolis, and this cloud painted on a house near the park was the only cloud even near the sky.

  • 1/23/15 by Kristina Kvarnlov-Leverty

    "Minnesota Style Retrofit" When I took this picture I just saw pretty colors and shapes that I see so much of in the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood's architecture. However, a good friend of mine looked at it and said, "I see a lot in this photo. You can see the original structure with the columns but then the screened-in-porch windows butting up to the capital represents the 'Minnesota Style Retrofit.' It isn't a retrofit in proper architectural context, but it has that do-it-yourself attitude." Go figure.

  • 1/22/15 by J. Arthur Anderson

    “Surrounded By Quilts” On a January day what higher purpose could there be than warming the hearts and bodies of those we love with a quilt? Since 1976, Glad Creations has been inspiring quilters of all ages. Shown here from left to right are Susan Dyer, Cheri Merritt and Nancy Raschka-Reeves. For the past 20 years, Susan and Nancy have been designing quilt patterns, which are sold in quilt shops across the country.

  • 1/21/15 by Warren Park

    "Ice Rink Patterns" This is our skating rink at Powderhorn, freshly plowed and, as of yet, untouched. As soon as skaters hit the ice, the ridges of snow from the plow will disappear. I like this view of the little warming house, too, watched over by the grand old house up on the hill overlooking the lake. In three months our wood ducks will be swimming here again.

  • 1/20/15 by Jillian Helleloid

    "Back Alley Mural" I went for a walk through the neighborhood with my husband after work and was looking for an interesting photo for the day. I was looking for something unique and as we were walking I saw this mural in the alley peaking out between two houses on the street. We decided to walk down the alley so I could get a better look. I just loved the colors, lines, and images in the mural that I had to document it.

  • 1/19/15 by Jason Brown

    "Skateboards in the Snow" I was disappointed that I was unable to attend the Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration that was held at the Powderhorn Community Center today. I still swung by the park building on my way home from work to see if there would be any remnants from the event, but things were long cleaned up. So, I headed out onto the frozen lake & met these four playing along the coast of the island, relishing the last few hours of their day off of school. When I offered to take their photo for Powderhorn365, Brian, Alfredo, David and Anthony promptly stuck their skateboards in the snow and took up the opportunity to "be famous."