Powderhorn365 - A living history of Powderhorn Neighborhood in South Minneapolis

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  • 8/6/18 David Pierini

    "Love on her radar" Lily Robarge, 10, holds Sonar, a four-month-old cat that has no eyes. Lily's mother, Tonya, adopted the cat from an animal shelter. The family thinks the aptly named cat uses its loud meowing as a form of echolocation as it runs and plays like any other cat.

  • 8/5/18 Mark Warren

    Finer Meat is my favorite Powderhorn Art Fair food vendor.

  • 8/4/18 Hannah Kamath

    "Cool Breezy Day At The Powderhorn Art Fair" A little rain didn't keep away visitors from the Powderhorn Art Fair on Saturday! The crowds came out to enjoy a stroll around Powderhorn Park, filled with art, food and friendship.

  • 8/3/10 Jenn Fisher

    "Setting Up" Artist looking for their spot with the help from PPNA.

  • 8/2/18 David Pierini

    "Hangtime" Laura Clinton discovered the beams on her 10th Avenue South porch offer a good space for a hammock. The afternoon was unseasonably cool and the time spent in the hammock made Clinton realize she needed to use it more often.