Welcome to the new home of Powderhorn365! We are very excited to share with you our new website design that we think will make navigating the almost 2000 photos taken (to date) easier.

Powderhorn365 began January 1, 2009, thanks to Amy Wurdock and a group of photographers. The project continued with a new group each year. As of this writing in early 2014, we are working on our sixth year. One photo per day is taken by a core member assigned a particular day each week, with guest photographers filling in. They bring forth images of the Powderhorn neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is bordered by Lake Street on the north, Cedar Avenue on the east, 38th Street on the south, and Chicago Avenue on the west. We have a park and a lake in the middle of the neighborhood and commercial corridors around the edges. We present various perspectives of our city and our community. If you have a photo you want to suggest for this site, if you have a comment about a photo, or if you'd like to be a guest photographer, we'd like to hear from you. You may contact us at powderhorn365@gmail.com. We also have a Facebook page, so feel free to friend us to get the daily post. You will also notice a new "Prints for Sale" link on the left where we will be placing for purchase some of the most iconic photos that Powderhorn365 has to offer. Finally, we publish photo books for each of the years, which are for sale through PPNA.

We are now a program of Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association, and that partnership has given us the support we need to sustain this project. Our gratitude to PPNA for helping us explore new and exciting ways to celebrate the neighborhood through photography, including photo-wrapped utility boxes along the streets of Powderhorn and neighboring communities. (Click on the PPNA icon on this page for their site.)

Look back at the prior years to get the full spectrum of talent and perspective from 2009 to date. If you want to see the photo full screen, click on it to open. Our most recent year, 2013, features weekly photographers Zee Swenson, Rebeccah Berry, Monica Rojas, Levi Oftelie, Nicole Infinity, and Andy Smith for the full year, and Renée Duncan for part of the year. (See the 2013 gallery for their photos and ones from guest photographers.) We now welcome the 2014 weekly photographers: Christopher Lutter-Gardella, Alison Behnke, Dianne Carlson, Katie Brown, Nicole Pine, Felix Svatek-Pine, Steve Young-Burns, and Jules Wight. (See the 2014 gallery for their photos and ones from guest photographers.) Good luck to this year's newest crop of photographers and a huge Thank You to the outgoing 2013 participants, as well as those from 2009 to 2012!

  • 4/15/14 by Alison Behnke

    "Door to Nowhere"

  • 4/12/14 by Steve Young-Burns

    "Taco Cat" Saturday was opening day for Taco Cat, a new food delivery business based in Kitchen In The Market in the Global Market, just across Lake Street. Dinner Saturday night was easy and delicious - Taco Cat's bike delivery brought fresh, warm, grilled veggie and mock duck Bahn Mi tacos.

  • 4/13/14 by Jules Wight

    "First Spring Buds" I have been anxiously looking for the first sign of buds on our Powderhorn trees for weeks, and finally found these little buds getting ready to sprout. Spring is here!