Powderhorn365 - A living history of Powderhorn Neighborhood in South Minneapolis

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  • 7/26/15 by Nickey Robare

    Powderhorn artist Lacey Prpić Hedtke showed me the darkroom she built in her basement, where she creates art using unique photographic printing processes, like cyanotypes.

  • 7/25/15 by Elana Dahlberg

    "Dog Days of Summer" Two 11 week old puppies, Tornado and Earthquake, share a stick during their first visit to Powderhorn Park Saturday morning. These two puppies (siblings and mom too) are all available for adoption through Secondhand Hounds.

  • 7/24/15 by Kristina Kvarnlov-Leverty

    This Friday was hot! Almost 90 degrees and humidity around 70%. I thought this photo of the road construction on 31st St. looked as hot an uncomfortable as it was. Despite the heat and the construction, I saw a crews of bikers going about their day. Minneapolis bikers are a dedicated lot.

  • 7/23/15 by J Arthur Anderson

    "Pillsbury House + Theatre " has been in its current home in the Powderhorn Neighborhood since 1980. The community center provides a broad range of programs and services for all ages including: arts programming, health and wellness outreach and clinic; and other community services like assistance with tax preparation, voter registration, and more. The highly acclaimed Pillsbury Theatre is one of the best professional theatres in the Twin Cities.

  • 7/22/15 by Levi Oftelie

    "Surveillance Station, Powderhorn Park 821 E 35th St" This photo is taken from the solar panel board, which powers the police surveillance unit overseeing the basketball court in the park. I've been thinking a lot about the idea of gaze in my work lately and this cycle of various social perspectives fascinates me.

  • 7/21/15 by Mike Wright

    "Twilight, Walker Church, 31st Street"