Powderhorn365 - A living history of Powderhorn Neighborhood in South Minneapolis

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  • 3-3-15 by Gaea Dill-D'Ascoli

    "Tasting the Snow" According to this little one, the snow tasted like snow. I'm glad someone is checking these things.

  • 3-4-15 by Warren Park

    "Room With A View" Before long, spring will arrive and the new leaves will cover up the squirrel's nests from last season. At the top left of this photo on 15th Ave., you'll see a stratospheric-ly high nest. One wonders why they decided to built it at the top of that very high tree. Now that's it's vacant, the builders could advertise to rent it out: Amazing sights from this special penthouse overlooking Powderhorn Park, fine location, great views of the lake and scenery over the rooftops. It's a bit of a climb, but worth it! Comfortable, quiet, no problem neighbors. Used only one season. Sorry, squirrels only.

  • 3/2/15 by Jason Brown

    "Martin" My friend and neighbor Martin gave permission for me to shoot some images of his family hanging out in his basement workshop. Discussion was playful and light as Martin showed me around his workbench covered in tools and memorabilia of his youth (some biking stuff, some posters, and a piece of a frame which was wrenched off his bike when he hit a pothole). We swapped stories of how we happened to meet at our church, the Urban Refuge, and the happenings of our neighborhood. While I did take many shots of Martin 'fiddling' with his son's mountain bike, I liked this relaxed portrait with a twist.

  • 3/1/15 by Nickey Robare

    Grace works on a collaborative art project in her home, painting a future society on a giant piece of paper which will become a giant paper crane.

  • 2/28/15 by Elana Dahlberg

    "Green Light at Matt's" Minneapolis winters are never too cold for patrons at Matt's Bar & Grill. Saturday night was no different with a line stretching out the door. These customers were all waiting for one thing, Matt's "Jucy Lucy". Established in the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood in 1954, the Minneapolis landmark claims the title of original (and best) "Jucy Lucy". Even Obama had to check out what all the hype was about at Matt's during his visit to Minneapolis this summer.

  • 2/27/15 by Kristina Kvarnlov-Leverty

    "The Meaning of Life" Recently I saw a video where a boy that was "six and three-quarters" asked Neil DeGrasse-Tyson about what the meaning of life was. Mr. DeGrasse-Tyson responded that meaning is not something we find. Meaning is something we create. We create it daily by exploring nature and the world: by hitting pans with spoons, jumping into puddles with both feet, and I would say, skating into the snow. Stay on the plowed rink? What's the joy in that?

  • 2/26/15 by J. Arthur Anderson

    "Bringing Roses" Shown here is Shane Wallin, tattoo artist extraordinaire and proprietor of Twilight Tattoo. Twilight has been a long standing block-host of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood's May Day Parade. In 2009, the shop was the recipient of the Mayor’s Business Achievement Award. Shane is known for his work with survivors of breast cancer, using his artistry to transform post-mastectomy scarring. Thank you Alli, for making the arrangements for this shoot and for agreeing to be our model.