Powderhorn365 - A living history of Powderhorn Neighborhood in South Minneapolis

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  • 7/16/19 Will Elsas

    Few places know puddles better than the northwest corner of Powderhorn Park, especially after downpours like those of the past few days. And with puddles come mosquitoes. Fortunately, hungry dragonflies arrived for the feast.

  • 7/14/19 Huda Bashir

    "Still mesmerized by this sky"

  • 7/11/19 Maria Kaefer

    I met neighbors Manuel and Elvira and their children playing in the park on a Thursday night. the face of summer joy. Me encontré con mis vecinos Manuel y Elvira y sus hijos divertiendose en el parque el jueves en la tarde. La felicidad de verano.

  • 7/10/19 Cori Lin

    "Renter Power" A group, including Powderhorn Neighborhood staff, paints signs for a Renters' Rights press conference Thursday in response to the MHA campaign against the Renters' Bill of Rights