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  • 9/2/15 by Warren Park

    "Ancient musical artifacts" The Vintage Music Store at 38th & Cedar Ave. has a lot of old stuff casually loaded into the display window, creating an atmosphere of 'rare finds inside!' The things in this photo include a vintage table-top radio from '50's, probably, a dusty old 78 rpm turntable which has not worked for decades, and a really cool victrola kind of record player called a 'Grafonola.' The best item is the bust of Beethoven, frowning at it all (he's not happy where he's ended up). As an aging musician who actually used stuff like this early on (not the Grafonola, but I heard Victrolas when I was a kid), this makes me feel vintage myself.

  • 8/31/15 by Jason Brown

    "Big Dogs" Caption: Met a nice Powderhorn resident and his two dogs, a Bull Mastif and a Great Dane. We chatted about his dogs (one was named "Tux" but I don't remember the other's name) and I snapped a photo of the trio as they passed. I confirmed later with my wife that the Great Dane is the same dog that our 3 year old accused of looking too much like a cow.

  • 8/30/15 by Nickey Robare

    Just before sunset I spotted this feral kitten stalking a squirrel. I don't think either of them was ever going to catch the other, but it sure was cute to watch.

  • 8/29/30 by Danny Shaheen

    "The Ghost of the Mayday Parade?" Found this near the corner of 31st and Cedar - I wish I had an explanation for it, but seeing as this was 7:30 am on a Saturday morning I didn't want to wake anyone up to inquire.

  • 8/28/15 by Brianne Bilyeu

    "I work here." Vilma Godoy on her way to work at the Pillsbury House.

  • 8/27/15 J Arthur Anderson

    “Excel in Life” this shows Clyde Turner former U of M basketball standout playing a leisurely game of tennis at the Powderhorn Park courts. Turner led the Gophers in scoring his junior and senior seasons. In 1972, he played a major role in helping the Gophers win the Big Ten Championship. After his professional basketball career, he returned to the U to earn his bachelor's degree and later his master's degree in social work. Turner’s career included working with Twin Cities Big Brothers/Big Sisters program and the Family Alternatives program. He also managed the Child Protection Department of Ramsey County. He has had a positive impact upon thousands of lives with his basketball camps, aimed at teaching youth how to succeed in the sport and in life in general. (source – “Where are they Now: Clyde Turner” gopherhole.com)

  • 8/26/15 by Warren Park

    "Dock inaccessible" The rains this summer have kept the Lake Powderhorn dock gangplank under water. The only place to fish now is from behind the railing on the plaza behind the main building. It's still a fun pastime, with the kids bringing bags of food for the birds. A great slice of late afternoon, late summer in the Park.