Powderhorn365 - A living history of Powderhorn Neighborhood in South Minneapolis

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  • 5/20/19 Alejandra (Tobar Alatriz)

    "A Steep Climb" On the other side of the top of the steps is a man not wanting to be photographed, lifting a big basket of trash with one hand into the dumpster while holding a white pup in the other. All while successfully holding a lit cigarette with his lips. Or maybe what’s on the other side is just the next tiny step in your big audacious goal. Who knows, really. #begin

  • 5/18/19 Cori Lin

    "The surprise of winning!" Reclaim the Block Construction founders Victoria Moorhead and Alex Dixon hear the news that they won 2nd place in their category at Shark Tank!

  • 5/19/19 Huda Bashir

    Finding the beauty in a cold and rainy day.

  • 5/17/19 Leigh Combs

    ..it's that spring moment..day..week when all the Lilacs bloom...it often does feel and seems like they all explode at once..sometimes when walking or biking or even in the car with the windows down you can smell them almost before you see them ❤

  • 5/16/19 David Pierini

    "Girls On The Run" Running coach Jenna Birkeli, left, and fourth-grader Ibtisam Hussein enthusiastically spring from the start of a practice 5K run at Powderhorn Park. Ibtisam is among 18 girls from Bancroft Elementary School participating in the Girls On The Run program and have prepared all spring to run in a statewide race on June 1.