Powderhorn365 - A living history of Powderhorn Neighborhood in South Minneapolis

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  • 6/21/18 Steph Paxton

    "Thursday Night Kickball" A bi-weekly gathering of friends playing kickball winds down for the evening.

  • 6/20/18 Kimani Beard

    “Dear Queens” Don’t forget to grab your crown before leaving the house today -Martzia Thometz with the Eye of Beauty.

  • 6/19/18 Ben Wells

    “Presa Canario” Say hello to Scooby, a Presa Canario, whom I found waiting in his truck outside of the Holiday Station on 36th & Cedar.

  • 6/18/18 David Pierini

    "Sharing the road" Kenny Younge, right, Diamond Tolbert and their son, Kaden, 3, watch as a family of Canada geese cross their path while walking around the pond at Powderhorn Park. Younge grew up in Powderhorn and although they live elsewhere in Minneapolis, he still considers Powderhorn Park his park. "We're just enjoying the park with this little man."

  • 6/16/18 Aria Dominguez

    "Scooter Masters" Two friends enjoy the challenge of jumping their scooters in unison over the hose across the sidewalk.