Powderhorn365 - A living history of Powderhorn Neighborhood in South Minneapolis

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  • 7/27/14 Jules Wight

    "Reflecting Skies" I have always loved the architecture for the Division of Indian Work in Powderhorn. Sunday provided a perfect day to capture the reflection of clouds in the building's large front windows.

  • 7/26/14 Steve Young Burns

    "Duckling" A duckling feeds on a serene Saturday afternoon in the Park.

  • 7/25/14 by Nicola Pine and Felix Svatek-Pine

    "In Between" Lately, we've been interested in the "in-between" spaces in Powderhorn. The alleys, edges, and unclaimed territories. At first we noticed the space between the apartment building and the house because of the numerous satellite dishes. But then, we noticed the old clothesline, not currently being used (could it be from the house that used to be where the apartment is located?), the mowed lawn, flowers, and the stack of plastic chairs. The mowed lawn and maintained flowers lead us to believe that someone is caring for this little green space. The chairs seem to indicate that people are using this space to gather. We were glad to find it, and happy that it is being used and enjoyed.

  • 7/24/14 by Katie Brown

    "Pollinators" It's a great day for a stroll through the neighborhood to see the bee and butterfly gardens full of happy visitors!

  • 7/23/14 by Dianne Carlson

    "A Powderhornian Off To The Library" Lucky to have East Lake, Franklin, Hosmer and Walker libraries so close to our neighborhood.