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  • 11/26/15 by J Arthur Anderson

    J Arthur Anderson 11-26-15 “Thanksgiving Day Classic” – We are grateful for the long and mild fall season, which gave way to winter on this date. Also, we are grateful for the cooks who fill their kitchens with warm aromas that are associated with fellowship and love. Thank you all.

  • 11/25/15 by Warren Park

    "Unfinished Teahouse, Twilight" The partly-rebuild teahouse structure by the lake looks spooky in the late autumn twilight. I like the reflections of the pillars and lights in the water. The path behind this framework encloses it a little bit, and the nearby bare branches in the upper left make the scene more atmospheric.

  • 11/24/15 by Pat Ciernia

    "The last raspberry of 2015" Just in time for Thanksgiving.

  • 11/23/15 by Jason Brown

    "Window Shopping" The window display at Full Cycle on Chicago Ave. S. was illuminated, displaying some 'fixie' commuter options. Wonder if they're going to put out some Fat Bikes in the window soon?

  • 11/22/15 by Jason Brown

    "Old Bike" In Powderhorn Park neighborhood, old bikes are fair game for garden decorations.

  • 11/21/15 by Elana Dahlberg

    "New View" A powderhorn resident donated this old window to youth who gave it a second life on Saturday. This year I have discovered so many unique ways Powderhorn residents turn trash into treasure. Here the group used the window as part of their display at a Green Fair. The youth have an environmentally friendly business selling veggie baked desserts. Learn more at www.greengardenbakery.weebly.com